Merry Christmas...

Sarah and Amanda at Apologies would like to wish all our visitors a great christmas and happy new year. Our site has barely been up two months and already we've achieved what we set out to do - educate people about the life of our idol, provide information, and show an honest yet compassionate approach to keeping his memory and his music alive.

As we go forward into 2000, kurt will be remembered in the record books for fronting the rock band of the 90's, for providing a generation with an angst-ridden anthem, for being the unsung hero of the grunge movement and for leaving millions of us behind when he ended his own life.

So when we wave goodbye to the 90's and say hello to the 20th century, let's not forget the man who got most of us here. If you have the strength to pull out your nirvana albums and play them regularly [and the last thing it should prove is difficult] , even when there are so many new and exciting bands on the scene, even when the face of music is changing... if you continue to listen to the music and revel in it, then the man that we knew and loved will never, ever die.

Best wishes for happiness in the new millenium, and have a fun, safe Christmas.

Peace, love and empathy always,

sarah and amanda.


I love you for what I am not.