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"A NOTE ON KURT'S JAG-STANG" by brian rocco

written january 1994


kurt cobain was more than just influenced lyrically by the burroughs/gysin cut-up technique. In february of 1993, cobain "cut and pasted" a guitar - fender's jag-stang was designed by cobain [though he requested that his name be kept off the instrument.] cobain met with fender to talk about his vision that would combine his two favourite types of guitars - a jaguar's bottom and a mustang's neck. This demanded an operation, a fusion of the jaguar and the mustang. To provide the designers with an idea, cobain used a polaroid to take two separate pictures of each guitar. he then cut them in half and pasted them together. Less concerned with the new guitar's tone and shape, cobain expressed the most interest in the fit of the mustang's neck.

Cobain played this guitar almost exclusively for the last three months of his life. kurt created a guitar as he played it... his energy is forever entombed within the jag-stang.


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