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- discography -


"love buzz"/"big cheese" 10/88 sub pop [US]

"sliver"/"dive" 9/90 sub pop, 1991 tupelo

"molly's lips" 1/91 sub pop

"here she comes now" 91, communion

"smells like teen spirit"/"even in his youth" 9/91 DGC

"on a plain" 1991 cd promo DGC [US]

"come as you are"/"school"(live)/"drain you"(live) 2/92 DGC

"lithium"/"been a son"/"curmudgeon" july 92 DGC

"in bloom"/"sliver"(live)12/92 geffen, uk and aus

"puss" by the jesus lizard/"oh the guilt" by nirvana 2/93 touch and go [US and UK] insipid vinyl [aus]

"heart shaped box"/"marigold" 8/93 geffen

"all apologies"/"rape me" 12/93 geffen

"about a girl"/"something in the way" 10/94 geffen

"pennyroyal tea"/"i hate myself and i want to die"/"where did you sleep last night" 5/94 geffen [europe]

"nirvana singles" 6x cd box set 12/95 geffen [US and aus]



Blew 12/89 tupelo [uk]

Hormoaning 1/91 geffen [aus and japan]



"spank thru" on sub pop 2000, 88 sub pop

"do you ove me?" on hard to believe, 90 waterfront

"here she comes now" on heaven and hell [velvet underground tribute] 90 communion

"mexican seafood" on teriyaki asthma, 91 C/Z

"dive" on the grunge years, 91 sub pop

"beeswax" on kill rock stars, 91 kill rock stars

"smells like teen spirit" on concrete corner, 91 concrete corner

"in bloom"/"come as you are" on the fall of DGC 91

"return of the rat" on songs for greg sage and the wipers, 92/93 tim kerr

"scentless apprentice" on strung out, 93 DGC

"verse chorus verse" on no alternative, 93 arista

"i hate myself and i want to die" on the beavis and butthead experience, 93 geffen

"pay to play" on geffen rarities, 94 geffen

"radio friendly unit shifter" on home alive: the art of self defense, 96 sony



"bikini twilight" by go team, featuring cobain 1989 K

"where did you sleep last night?" on The Winding Street by mark lanegan, featuring cobain on guitar and krist novoselic on bass, 90 sub pop

"bureaucratic desire for revenge" [ep] by earth, featuring cobain 91 sub pop

"the priest they called him" by william s. burroughs, spoken word featuring cobain on guitar, 93 tim kerr

"houdini" by the melvins, with kurt as one of the producers, 93 atlantic