nirvana song meanings.

Although kurt stated twice that his lyrics meant nothing, he later admitted that it was an attempt to cut interviews short. It's a well-known fact that there is meaning behind nirvana songs, and krist novoselic stated the following on october 19th, 1993.


Blew - the song conveys feelings of entrapment.

About a girl - kurt wrote the song about his then-girlfriend, tracy marander, who threatened to kick him out if he didn't get a job in the years before nirvana.

Paper cuts - the song is about a family who kurt used to live with, who would lock their children in their rooms for days at a time and were generally abusive.

Negative creep - about kurt's experiences at school.

Mr moustache - attacks the stereotypical male macho image.

Sliver - a child-like view of being deserted by your parents.

Been a son - a song based on a true story about parents who killed their baby daughter because they wanted a boy.

Smells like teen spirit - about the apathy of some of our own generation.

In bloom - an attack on people [specifically rednecks] who listen to music for the wrong reasons.

Breed - about being trapped in middle class america.

Lithium - a first-person narrative of a nervous breakdown.

Polly - kurt wrote the song based on the true story of a 14 year old girl who was kidnapped, tortured and raped.

Lounge act - about certain visions of a relationship, and being smothered.

Stay away - an attack on any conformist clique.

Something in the way - a song that kurt wrote about his experiences whilst living under a bridge in aberdeen.

Serve the servants - about the witch hunt on courtney love and frances, and his experiences living with his father.

Heart-shaped box - the entire song is about co-dependency.

Rape me - an attack at the media about their vindication of frances and their invasion of kurt's privacy.

Frances farmer will have her revenge on seattle - a song about the life and death of frances farmer.

Pennyroyal tea - contains lyrics that depict the toughness of making a decision, and the guilt that goes along with that.

All apologies - originally a letter that kurt wrote to courtney and frances.


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