forever in debt to your priceless advice.


'Apologies' was created from a shared passion and a lot of hard work. certain people had direct or indirect contact with the making of this page, and we'd like to thank the following individuals:


kurt cobain: for all that you did without even realizing. We love you and we miss you and we will never, ever forget you. still the brightest star.


neil wiger: without your board at formaldehyde, we wouldn't be doing this today.


julia "jewelz" konowalski: for having such faith in both of us, for being so undeniably amazing, beautiful and dedicated, and for not letting anything, including language barriers, get in the way.


jenni gibson: for being there from the word go, for having such dedication and faith, and for being the true angel that she is.


sarah would like to personally thank:

 amanda jonson: for your friendship [which means more to me than words can say], for your faith in me, for

being such a good listener, and your outlook on everything which inspires me to no end.


alisha bermejo: for having such never-ending faith in me and my abilities, for all your empathy, and for being

the one who never, ever lets me down. i owe you everything - this world is yours.



amanda would like to personally thank:

sarah moses: for your determination, neverending devotion, and your inspirational friendship that you've given

to me, thank you.


holly poklitar: for inspiring me in many ways, even though you don't know it, you've inspired me to the brim with your knowledge -

not only musical, but everything else in life. You've done a lot for me at a very important time in my life, more for me than you ever

could imagine.


Suz: for helping me out with tables specifically, and helping me out with any html questions I may have, it's greatly appreciated!