January, 2001
23rd - started work on a total reconstruction of the site.

November, 2000
Yes, we are still alive, all apologies, and life has really gotten quite busy...

March, 2000
25th - re-wrote the intro. added pics of us to webmasters section.
24th - splash page back up, note from webmasters included.
18th - added links to The Top 25 Nirvana Sites and ListBot.

February, 2000
18th - updated menu.html, and revamped it.

January, 2000
24th - updated links, added "sunburn and freezerburn" [beautiful]
18th - apologies to all for lack of updates. all links have been worked on and there should be no double frames anymore.
04th - continued adding the new unplugged image, updated thanks section.
03rd - re-done the intro page, with new oil painting image added, unplugged style.
02nd - links section renewed.
01st - page format released & is still being experimented with. new updates page created.

December, 1999
30th - Happy New Year all - new page format will be ready for release 1st January, 2000.
18th - new [interesting!] article added to archive, "love hangover"
16th - christmas / 2000 splash page up temporarily.
09th - refined even more HTML.
03rd - added a discography.

November, 1999
30th - refined HTML within pages. (ie. links home)
26th - first [entry] page re-done.
24th - the new voting link for the top 25 sites is up.
17th - 26 [yes, 26] new rarities lyrics.
14th - new links added.
11th - mailing list added for those who wish to know when we update.
09th - quotes added to gallery. credit, thanks and love to alisha.
08th - 2 new articles added to archive.
06th - the site is finally revealed to the world.