our little group has always been...

the webmasters of 'Apologies' created this site together, inspired by their shared passion and love of kurt cobain. hre is some information on each of the girls behind this page, as well as their personal thoughts on kurt.



webmaster 1

name: amanda j. [pic]

entered: 7th september 1982

resides: 'the interlake', manitoba, canada

favourite nirvana song: heart-shaped box

favourite nirvana disc: in utero

thoughts and views:

first time I heard Nirvana was at a dance, I was 10. It was one of those middle school dances. I always thought it was great music, never knew who the band was until a year or so later. I never followed up on them, as I didn't listen to music much - until I was 13. Nirvana struck me right away, but my friends all went for the mainstream pop stuff. I was (and still am) forced to listen to that stuff on the road trips with them...


Nirvana stuck with me, and always will. To me it gave me insight, and has helped to make me ME. It's not just the music though.. or just Kurt.. it's all of it - the lyrics, the sounds, all of it.. Yes, Kurt inspires me, as you can see, sar & I are putting our hearts into this page, for Kurt, and for fellow people who care like we do. He's not just another celebrity.. he's someone who's graced many people with his music and abilities.. his care to even share his lyrics with the world.. Others may or may not value Kurt.. but to those who do, he is precious, they all know - to describe what we feel/think about Kurt is not enough.. hopefully this page just gives a little back for all that Kurt has done and given to us. Not enough can be said, or described easily.. What Kurt Cobain has done for sarah and I is just simply priceless.


I am speechless.




webmaster 2

name: sarah moses [pic]

entered: 4th april 1981

resides: geraldton, western australia

favourite nirvana song: heart-shaped box

favourite nirvana disc: in utero / unplugged in new york

thoughts and views:

i've been an alterna-girl for as long as i can remember. The unique-ness and the honesty of the music always appealed to me more than the powdered world of pop. I first heard nirvana when i was a mere 11 years old...'smells like teen spirit' came on and it hit me like nothing ever has, and i'm pretty sure, never will. As time went by i bought all the albums, got criticized at school for liking them, and grew to love the band more and more. Five years after the day he went away, the music of nirvana still inspires me and continues to be what i listen to nearly every day. i can't ever imagine being without it and i truly think it has shaped who i've become.


I was only 13 when kurt died, but i felt it. it hit me hard and it took a few days before it sank in. these days i still wonder 'what if?' but i'm at the point where i can understand why kurt thought it was the only way out. I've grown to realise that privacy is a very necessary and important thing, it's every human's basic right and to intrude on that is one of the most pathetic and greedy things...


Out of all that i've gained from my addiction to this band and man, one of the things i like the most is that i feel it's been able to stop me being too judgemental, and i would hope that it's made me emphatic. kurt has given me a life-long focus and inspiration, and i'm so grateful that i found something that touches me so much...i cherish the few special people i know who feel the same as me.